Dr. Mike Nelson Donates Ultrasound Device to Cancer Centre

from left to right: Dr. Sara Urasa (Hospital Director of KCMC), Dr. Tom Flynn (Chair of FCCT), Dr. Furaha Serventi (Head of KCMC Cancer program) John Reiling (President, FCCT), Dr. Michael Nelson (Treasurer of FCCT) Dr. Oliver Henke (KCMC Oncologist)

We wish to recognize Dr. Michael Nelson, FCCT Executive Committee Treasurer and Board Member, for the generous donation of a portable ultrasound machine, valued at $30,000 to be used at the KCMC Cancer Care Centre.  The machine was presented to our colleagues at the KCMC Cancer Centre –  Dr. Furaha Serventi, Head of Oncology, Dr. Oliver Henke, Medical Oncologist, and Dr. Sarah Urasa, Director of Operations –  during their visit to the Twin Cities for the FCCT Symposium and Gala.  This imaging equipment will make it possible for the oncologists in the Cancer Center to perform biopsies, assess tumors and locate blood vessels for inserting IV’s.  Thank you Dr. Nelson for this very generous gift!