Major Sponsoring Members


Minnesota Oncology is dedicated to providing compassionate care for various types of cancer and blood disorders in 10 convenient Twin Cities metro locations as well as several satellite locations whose mission is to combine the strength of hope with the power of science, one patient at a time. 


Varian Medical Systems is the world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions with radiotherapy, radiosurgery, proton therapy, and brachytherapy. By partnering with customers and others, the people of Varian develop leading solutions for advancing cancer treatment, radiosurgery, X-ray imaging, and security.

Individual Sponsoring Members

Individual sponsoring members believe in our vision of a healthier Tanzania–and they put their support behind us each year to keep that vision alive. We couldn’t do this without them!

Anthony & Mary Cook
Barbara Bowers
Bruce Peterson
Burton Schwartz
Catherine Stepanek
Charles Wittmack
Christine & Gregory Lahart
Connie Delaney
Dahlberg Peter
Dean and Laura Gesme
Donald & Naoko Hague
Doug & Roberta Russ
Ellen & Christopher Knoedler Abeln
Graydon & Shelley Page
Hazel Reinhardt
Helmut & Rotraut Diefenthal
Jeffrey Herman
John & Diane Tegenfeldt
John & Judith Reiling
John & Patricia Bartlett
John Ely
John Overton and Ann Lowry
John P. Knoedler
Jon Hollon
Kate and Doug Massop
Kate and Kevin Reiling
Katherine Martin
Kathryn Dusenbery
Kirsten Erickson
Lee E. & Nancy Richards
Litzow Mark
Margaret & J. Randolf Beahrs
Margaret Reiling
Mark Westra
McNabb Paula & Michael
Michael & Jananne Nelson
Michael Murati, Siobhan Flanagan, Kelly Dietz
Milton & Yvonne Datta
Nancy L. & Joel B. Wiberg
Nelson Janice
Patricia Goewey
Porter Christina & Dwight
Randolph & Kari Hurley
Reiling Rob & Joelle
Richard V. & Mary Ann C. Dusenbery
Rosenthal Lisa
Rothenberger David & Kathleen
Sally Ryan
Sarah Cook
Stephen Kairies
Steven Rousey
Tara Rick
Thomas & Helen Flynn
Tim Jessen
Tom Ryan