2017 Gala goal was reached!

We will soon begin construction of the KCMC Highland Hills Care Hostel!

Data show that both pediatric and adult patients undergoing numerous rounds of chemotherapy fail to complete their treatments due to cost, lack of transportation, and lack of accommodation near the treatment clinic. Many patients need to travel long distances to their respective treatment site. Thus, a hostel to accommodate patients while they are undergoing treatment is essential to contributing to improved outcomes.

Plans for the KCMC Highland Hills Care Hostel include: • Suitable housing for patients receiving treatment at the KCMC Cancer Centre • Patient sleeping rooms can be used for adult or pediatrics patients • Accommodation and living capabilities will include: • 32 beds (adults – single beds) • or up to 64 patients for all patients (children – in bunk beds) • Shared kitchen and living area • Childrens’ playground