Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania


The Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania (FCCT), along with its partners, is making significant progress in bringing modern cancer care to a country without many of the basic necessities.  Progress has been made in all four pillars of cancer care.

Educational programs, such as PrevACamp, a community awareness and training program (health fair), have been created to teach the community about cancer awareness and prevention, and to screen for cancer. This effort also trains Community Health Workers providing prevention and screening messages.

A huge step in diagnosis came with the opening of a Cancer Care Clinic in December 2016 when the first medical oncologist began working in the northern healthcare zone.

Outpatient treatment has been ongoing in the Infusion Centre, which also opened in December 2016. The opening of the 44-bed in-patient cancer ward in December 2020 expands cancer-specific treatment to the hospital setting where physicians and nurses trained to care for cancer patients can better meet their needs.

The hospice and palliative care team provides weekly outreach with home visits in surrounding communities as well as in the hospital.