Episode 4. Meet Anna Massawe – A champion in palliative care.

Anna Massawe is a Palliative Care Coordinator Nurse working at the Cancer Care Centre. As a young girl she dreamt of being a policewoman, but her father always knew that she was destined for a career in care services, given her nurturing spirit and her passion for helping people.

She began her career in medicine at the KCMC hospital, where she joined as an Orthopaedic Nurse. After a successful ten year stint, she spent three years undertaking further studies in nursing at the Kilimanjaro Christian University College. She then returned to KCMC to work in the urology department, where she saw lots of HIV patients. It was at that point that she began to take an interest in palliative care, as most of the HIV patients that she saw also had cancers, and they were not receiving the necessary type of care for their conditions.

Today, Anna is a champion of palliative care at KCMC; working and training aspiring health workers on the practices of giving palliative care. A typical day will see her drive along with a team of doctors and nurses to visit patients at their homes, often miles out in rural areas with little if any sanitary services. There, she will tend to their metastatic wounds and hand them some life essentials including food and basic sanitary provisions. While she is there she always makes sure she speaks with her patients, making sure that they feel heard and above all cared for. Anna’s story is truly inspiring. Enjoy!