Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania

What We Do

The Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania (FCCT) addresses the overwhelming need for cancer care in Tanzania.

Cancer is a leading cause of death in Tanzania and a cancer diagnosis is often a death sentence. Prior to FCCT’s involvement, Tanzania had just two cancer care facilities to serve a population of over 50 million. (60+ million in 2020) Northern Tanzania lacked any designated cancer care facilities whatsoever for its 15+ million people. FCCT formed a partnership with the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC), a northern zonal hospital and academic centre. Together, FCCT and KCMC continue to develop a comprehensive cancer centre serving the northern healthcare zone.
Tanzania is one of the world’s poorest countries and is experiencing a rapid increase in cancer cases. Because access to prevention and treatment is limited, the rate of death among cancer patients exceeds 80%. The situation is particularly tragic for children whose cancers would have a high rate of curability if they live in the United States. FCCT is working in Tanzania because the organization believes hope and dignity should not be commodities reserved for the global elite—rather, they are fundamental human rights, deserved by all.