Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania


Purpose is a powerful motivator - it's what drives those who support the Foundation for Cancer Care in Tanzania (FCCT). We are grateful for the purpose-driven leaders, physicians and humanitarians working to create a future where hope eclipses the fear of cancer.

* Thomas Flynn MD, Board Chair & Director

Medical Oncologist (Minnesota Oncology)

* Hazel Reinhardt, President/CEO

Consultant (Hazel Reinhardt Consulting Services)

* Kathryn Dusenbery MDVice Chair & Director

Radiation Oncologist (University of Minnesota)

* Randy Hurley MDSecretary & Director

Medical Director of Oncology (Regions Cancer Care Center)

* Michael Nelson MDTreasurer & Director

Professor of Radiology (University of Minnesota)

* Julie Schmidt, Executive Vice President & Director

President/CEO (Journey: Leadership Pathfinder)

* Mary Cook, Vice President, Development & Director

Doctor of Pharmacy (Retired)

Ellen Abeln MDDirector

Radiologist (Suburban Radiologic Consultants)

Yvonne Datta MD, Director

Medical Oncologist (University of Minnesota)

Jeff Herman MDDirector

Radiation Oncologist (Minneapolis Radiation Oncology)

Mark Jacobson MD, Director

Missionary Physician (Arusha Lutheran Medical Center, Tanzania)

John Knoedler MDDirector

Radiologist (St. Paul Radiology) 

Tara Rick, Director

Physician Assistant in Oncology (University of Minnesota Physicians)

Steven Rousey MDDirector

Medical Oncologist (Minnesota Oncology)

B. Aika Shoo MD, Director

Radiation Oncologist (University of Minnesota Health)

John Reiling, President/CEO Emeritus & Former Director

President (Safe by Design)


It takes courage to take on a seemingly impossible mission - bringing modern cancer care to a country without many basic necessities. FCCT is thankful and proud to be supported by our generous and courageous partners. 

With the financial and technical support from:

Other Collaborating Partners:

Duke University has a nearly 20-year collaboration with the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC). The collaboration has focused on research, medical and nursing education, and capacity building. Prior research has focused on HIV/AIDS, TB, the causes of fever in children and adults, mental health and health systems strengthening. A rapidly growing area of common research interest is in cancer, and collaboration studies have addressed cervical cancer, strengthening of the KCMC cancer registry, and the development of cancer care capacity. A training grant from the National Cancer Institute has been instrumental in supporting these activities.
The East Africa Medical Assistance Foundation is a Minnesota 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing radiology services at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center (KCMC), a 500-bed teaching hospital at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro in Moshi, Tanzania. It is the site of the Kilimanjaro School of Radiology, the first radiology residency in the country. Through donations, the foundation provides monetary support for the radiology training program, assists in providing equipment for the imaging department and manages a volunteer program for radiologists who wish to contribute by teaching at the Kilimanjaro School of Radiology. Over 100 residents have graduated from the training program and now provide service throughout Tanzania.


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