Episode 2. Laying the foundations – Building the Cancer Care Centre.

Dr Oliver Henke is a German Haemato-Oncologist who has been working at the KCMC Hospital’s Cancer Care Centre for the past five years. In 2016 he and his family left their life in Germany to move to Moshi, Tanzania, so that he could join in the efforts by the KCMC and FCCT to offer oncology services at the hospital.

What started as a simple idea amongst a group of doctors; to provide some oncology consultation services in the wards, gradually developed over the years and has become the specialised unit that the cancer centre is today. Through lots of hard work and dedication, the centre is now an institute to be reckoned with; offering diagnostics, monoclonal antibody treatment, leukemia treatments and palliative care, amongst other services.

In this episode you will also hear Dr Henke’s first-hand accounts of treating patients who are often in destitute circumstances, giving them a fresh lease of life. Enjoy!