Jane’s Story

Jane had a heart for oncology long before the Cancer Care Centre opened in 2016. Her experience with oncology began with her nursing career in 2008, where she worked in the internal medicine department at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, with a concentration in palliative care. It was there she was first exposed to the reality of the cancer epidemic in Tanzania. Because of her experience with the palliative care patients, and the need for trained nurses in Oncology and chemotherapy administration, Jane was chosen to go to Duke University in North Caroline for three months for additional training. During those three months Jane received training in chemotherapy administration, safe handling, and management of side effects. This invaluable experience allowed her to come back to Tanzania with a wealth of knowledge and the confidence to provide quality care to the Oncology patients. Following her training, Jane was deemed the “chemo nurse” of the hospital. She was reassigned to the Dermatology ward, where she saw Oncology patients from all departments and administered their chemotherapy.

As the Cancer Centre was being established, they knew it was imperative to have knowledgeable, trained nurses to care for these complex patients. Jane was the perfect person for the job. She had the necessary knowledge, experience, training, and most importantly, passion. She was the perfect fit!

Since starting at the Cancer Centre, she has continued to receive more training, and has passed her knowledge on to many other staff members, both in the clinic and inpatient wards. Jane is dedicated to her work, despite limited resources to address her patients many challenges. Passion may be her greatest strength, as is evident in every interaction with her patients. From providing weekly education to her patients, to sitting with a woman recently diagnosed with breast cancer who is fearful about losing her breast, Jane takes those extra moments to show care and compassion.

Jane wants to continue expanding her knowledge, and desires to become a specialist in Oncology nursing. She’s already well on her way to accomplishing it!